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Captioning Grant Money

Funding is available for captioning Distance Education material for all California Community Colleges through Automatic Sync.

The DECT grant covers distance education apportionment generating courses only.

Distance Education classes are telecourses, online courses, and hybrid courses (51% online delivery or better). Eligible distance education courses are those that are credit or non-credit, but not no-credit or community extension. The former generate apportionment from the state, the latter dont. The latter activities need to be self-funding. For example, a 3-unit history class would be eligible; a 1-unit non-credit ESL class would be eligible; a no-credit community extension class or continuing education would not be eligible.

To submit an application follow these steps:

  1. Get a quote from Automatic Sync Technologies (AST)
    1. contact Kara Stark ( and tell her
      • number of classes/videos
      • length of videos
      • course
      • quarter
    2. get quote back from Kara
  2. Complete application
  3. Submit the quote and the application to Jill Roberson at College of the Canyons
  4. Sign up to get a DECT account at this link
  5. Jill will give you a project number to submit with your application to AST via the DECT account.

When you receive your captioned materials, deploy in your class.